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New Catalogue 2017/2018

Your brand is a jewel that deserves attention and care !
It is our great pleasure to present in our new catalogue 2017-2018 some unique novelties.

Since it’s launch the BiViCard® extended to 3 types: BiViCard®, BiViCard®-Caddy and BiViCard®-Bar.
Today we are proud to introduce you the BiViCard®-Luggage. Shaped as a credit card, you will keep it with you, in your wallet, pocket or jacket …

As a tradition, year after year, we keep on looking for innovative high quality materials.
This time we wish to surprise you with 4 new material lines: BRUSH, KANGAROO, SATIN and THE VIP LINE.

With the new REACH® norms, Europe is definitively raising the bar towards more environmental friendly and safer products (meaning more than 140 forbidden substances).
At Vinya, we care about environment. We have been recycling all wastes since 1964 and today, we offer a 25 % recycled range, combined with carbon neutral PP and use FSC cardboard …

We care 4 YOU !


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