Polypropylene | Frederic Reich


Polypropylene is 100% recyclable and environment-friendly. Look no further for carbon neutral material!

Polypropelene is a very solid material, easily printable and extremely durable, which has increased it’s popularity.

From supple to half-rigid, from 60 to 1800 µ, in white or traditional colours (blue, red, green, yellow, grey, etc….), transparant or translucent -also called opaline-, this foil is as versatile as PVC.  It can be cut, stitched, glued, folded, welded (hot and ultrasonic) to various types of products and presentation items.

Polypropylene is perfectly printable in silkscreen, offset, hotfoil or tampon.

Some of our supply partners underwent third party audits to determine their ‘carbon footprint’ so they could deliver carbon neutral polypropylene sheets.

2015: extended range of polypropylene document holders and envelopes

Propybox #401


Propybox #402